Preparing for SEO in 2017

It might be hard to believe, but we will soon be entering the fourth quarter of 2016 and it will be time to start preparing our digital strategies for 2017. Written by Jim Yu at SearchEngineWatch. Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher. The world of SEO continues to change at lightning speed. Customer usage and expectations, not to mention Google’s algorithm updates, keep us marketers continuously making adjustments. Complacency will easily destroy your rankings, and this will be dangerous for any business interested in surviving in modern marketing. Considering that 93% of online […]

Authority & link building with real-time Penguin

Written by Marcus Miller at Search Engine Land. Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher. Google recently released Penguin 4.0, and the Penguin filter now updates in real time. Columnist Marcus Miller explores what this means for SEO and link building. So it happened. Google finally released Penguin 4.0 — the last Penguin update of its kind, as it now processes in real time as a part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. In this post, I want to take a look at what Penguin is, how this update affects the SEO community as a whole […]

15 Social Media & Search Engine Marketing Trends in 2016

Written by Expert Insider at Smart Insights. Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher 2016 has been an exciting year in the world of search engine optimization and social media marketing – what are the main developments to inform your marketing? The two fields of social media and search are constantly evolving, with plenty of changes that prompt shifts in consumer and marketer behavior. In order to succeed, you should adapt to these changes and employ the latest and most effective strategies. The following are 15 social media and search engine marketing trends […]

Google Penguin doesn’t penalize for bad links – or does it?

Written by Barry Schwartz at SearchEngineLane. Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher. You technically no longer need to use the disavow file to help fix your Google Penguin issues – here is why.   Google launched the real-time, more granular version of Penguin on Friday. Google wrote in its announcement that it “now devalues spam.” Many SEOs and webmasters took that to mean that Penguin no longer penalizes – and it seems like they are right. Google’s Gary Illyes said on my public Facebook post that the new Penguin algorithm “managed to […]

Google says Penguin recoveries have started to roll out now

Article Written by Barry Schwartz at SearchEngineLand. Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher. Have you been waiting two or more years to recover from your Penguin penalty? Google said the recoveries are starting now. Gary Illyes from Google said tonight that those who were suffering from previous Penguin penalties should now begin seeing recoveries. He said this on Twitter: This is one part of the Penguin update we saw happen this Friday — but this “recovery” part only started happening hours ago, according to Gary Illyes. You should also keep in mind […]