Create the perfect design portfolio: 30 Pro Tips

Article Written by Craig Stewart at Creative Bloq. Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher. 30 Tips to Creating A Professional, Creative Portfolio How much time do you spend improving your portfolio? Be honest – does it showcase your best stuff? Whether your design portfolio is physical or digital, read on to discover how to create the perfect portfolio today! There’s nothing more important to your career than presenting your best work in an attractive, professional and accessible way. So for this article we’ve spoken to leading designers, illustrators and creatives and pulled […]


Written by Kendra Strickler at CommonPlace. Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher. Your website is your first digital impression and you want to make sure it’s a great one. It should reflect everything you want potential customers to know and remember about your business. To marketers and other business owners who have been around for a while, this is nothing new. Successful businesses are always trying to improve the quality of their websites to meet the needs of their users.Often times, people are visiting your website because they are seeking out something. You want […]

7 Ways Designers Can Get Their Foot in the Door

Written by Jacob Cass at Click HERE to Read the Article by the Publisher. Whether you’re a graphic design student or a young professional, getting your foot in the door is not as simple as it sounds. Taking the first step requires initiative, patience and some wisdom too. Thankfully, there’s always a way to make it in and this article will provide seven different ways for you to get your foot in the door. 1. Network at Conferences & Events Networking at design conferences and professional events can be a good way to get […]